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We are all bombarded with these personal injury TV ads that talk about the multi-million dollar cases they have handled. But what they don't tell you is that in order to receive that kind of money on a case, someone had to be very seriously injured, or possibly even die in the accident. Let's face it, most accident cases are not worth millions of dollars. Most accident cases are minor and dealing with the insurance companies can be stressful. When looking for an attorney to handle your accident/personal injury case you need to look for 3 things: experience, tenacity and how much of your money will they keep for themselves. When you are injured in an accident you need an attorney that will maximize your recovery. The insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible, but most attorneys want to keep 40% of what you recover. And they take that 40% off the top. so if you recover $30,000, the attorneys keep $12,000, plus all of their expenses, and they are also obligated under the law to pay all of your medical bills out of the money also. So let's say you had $10 thousand in meds. That means that out of a $30,000 settlement, if you are lucky, there might be $8,000 left for you. So do your research. Not all attorneys take 40%. Our attorneys tend to take between 30-33%--that leaves more money in your pocket!!

You were the one in the accident. You are the one suffering though the pain. You are the one with the mounting medical bills. Keep more of your money--pick the right attorney!!! Whether you have a simple small injury case or a more complex case, come see one of our attorneys today for your important injury case.

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Personal Injury

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