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Many people get arrested for DWI every day, from professionals to college students, from housewives to grandmas. For an attorney who has the experience handling DWI cases, the analysis involved in your DWI defense is rather simple. It simply does not take $10,000 worth of legal time and work to properly defend you on a DWI charge!

Many people are under the impression that the more you pay your DWI lawyer, the better that lawyer must be, or that the attorney must have some special connections at the courthouse. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are charged with a DWI we invite you to compare our rates and fees to those of other attorneys. If you choose to hire one of those other expensive attorneys, we want you to come back and let us know if you got off.

The fact of the matter is, your DWI case is driven completely by the evidence in your case. No defense attorney in town can alter that fact. If you are guilty of driving while intoxicated and the prosecutor has the evidence to prove it, not even the most experienced DWI attorney can get you off.

If the evidence is questionable enough to present reasonable doubt, then you better hope you hired an attorney that is a skilled trial attorney and will try your case to a jury. However, 98% of DWI cases never reach a jury. They are plead out, the terms of the plea usually involve some probation for a period of time, some costs and some fines. You don't have to pay an attorney to do this for you, you can walk into the county attorney's office and work out a plea deal yourself and save yourself thousands.

But you're not an attorney, and you have no way of knowing if you have a defensible case, and you are scared to death, so you go pay thousands and thousands to a DWI defense lawyer just to plead you out in the end. You can interview 10 DWI attorneys in town and get 10 different prices. there are some kids fresh out of law school charging $3,500 and more to defend you on a DWI, and the more experienced attorneys want up to $10,000.

For some of the best rates and fees in Travis and Williamson and the surrounding counties, view our attorneys and their rates on DWI. You get an experienced DWI attorney and you don't get abused on the fee. Come in today for an affordable, competent, experienced DWI defense. Save your money!

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